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Originally Posted by Justin e36
Edit: So I went last night to drop my rims and new tires off. He changes the price... now he says it'll cost $15 per rim to put new tires on... (opposed to re-installing the tires that are already on the rim). What the hell. He said the first quote he gave me was $350 (not $355.. no complaints)... but $15-$20 per tire to mount & balance. So an additional $60.. bah.

Shimajer.. refinishing can include repainting. If your rim has curb rash, gashes, or needs to be repainted.. this is called "Refinishing". I didn't bother refinishing since these are my winter rims.. I really don't care about the curb rash. I just want them straight.
wow, thats bullshit, wats the difference between installin new tires and old ones?

anyhow, i think its still a good price, since tax is included.

another question: let say i just want to get my rims powdercoat to another colour, let say shadow gunmetal.. so basically i dont need to refinish my rims right? becasue i am painting them with another colour right? or do I still need to get them to fix the curb rash first?

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