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Running Thread....My e30

Alright everyone, its me again, and of course I have some questions,

Being the perfectionist theres a lot of stuff id like to get done to my car but im gonna have to break it down so i dont go bankrupt. I have a list of priority items and anyone with knowledge of electrical/wiring and engine swapped cars will definately be an asset.

My car is an 1988 e30 with a '94 m50 engine swap. I did not do the swap myself so I am not extremely familiar with all the fine details.


Since i bought the car I've been having grief with 2 of my gauges, my temp and my fuel gauge do not work. Right now I fill up, then set my trip odometer and every 300k ill fill'er up again just to be safe. I'd like to get both of those gauges working but my mechanic doesnt know how to get them working. Hes an import mechanic that specialises in german cars. (so please do not call into question his ability or tell me to go to another one). Revshot also is a big help to me, however we are all stumped.

im short on time at the moment and ill be continuing this thread later......just wanted to git the ball rollin
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