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118 west of Bracebridge is where i saw a silver Carrera GT, just outside of bracebridge and it was heading towards bracebridge. This was this July. I know which road ur talking about tho, 118 east of bracebridge passes by Vankoughnet, my camp used to be off 118 on Clear Lake. The nicest road i think is u go on 118 east from port carling, then u turn left up 25 and then 4/24 and then left on 141 towards Windermere, that road all teh way to windermere from 118 is sick. Goes around Lake Rosseau as well as up and down with tons of curves and amazing scenerey. Just got to be careful with deer at night, i had a close call where i was about to pass soemone and i didn't, if i did i woulda kept on going 120, but i slowed down and didn't pass and then teh car turns right on 141, i go left and just then i saw 4 deere, so i woulda nailed them going 120 :-/ that woulda been the end of me, or at least the aviator's funeral... which might not be such a bad thing
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