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Originally Posted by craz azn
OH SNAP!!! your the guy with the red e30 with the Mtech2 kit??? I saw that car just as we were pulling into town with my 'rally car' on the trailer, I just saw the rear bumper, immediately i say Mtech2 kit... I said to my dad I was like ****>>>> NICEST car in port today... man if thats your car, NICE car dude

EDIT: Hold up.... were you in town just this past weekend? I think this past SAT I saw the red e30... was it you? i just noticed you said april... lol
Hehhe... wasn't me, I was in my orange 2002 at that time... plus, my car with the Mtech 2 kit is white.... wish it was red!

Also noticed a sweet euro '88 325ic in port perry... talked to the owner for a while, he brought the car back from germany... had a pretty pimp (and factory) burled walnut dash, all german check panel, and an analog clock.
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