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Black w/ Polished Lip - Need more options!

Currently I am found the following but am looking for more options for Black w/ Polished lip.

Breyton Spirit Black's


Another option:
Machined Lip

Chromed Lip

They make them for my car in 18's with staggered setup for rear. Fairly good prices. They took style #505 of BMW's and just refinished it differently I believe.

5x120 (BMW)
Around +20mm offset
Prefer more dish in rear then in fronts.
17" 18" or 19"

That leads to my next question, does someone have some pictures of a machined lip vs. a chromed lip? And what are some of the idfferences besides just a glossier surface texture?

Here is a chop with the same style rims, I don't know which set he ended up using but yah, here it is!

Rims a little on the large side but I don't care. I'm excited for spring now! I think I might buy them earlier so I can polish them 100 times before they actually get on the car

Thanks for everyones help!
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