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Originally Posted by Striker
Unfortunately not. That was 13 years ago so no digital pics. I had an album I brought here with all my cars and racing pics. One morning I drove off rushing the wife to work with the leather covered album on top of my car, never to be found again.

When I asked around, some ppl said they saw it on the pavement but someone probably stole it just for the expensive album. I felt like half of my life was gone.

In the digital age it also sucks. I installed two new hard drives in my PC 9 months ago. The 200 gig was a backup with nearly 100 gigs of vids and pics. My PC suffered a power glitch from the power supply, both drives wnet down.

I sent them in for data recovery and awaiting a reply. I may have to pay 1.5K to 3K to recover the data.
48 Webers...very nice. I feel your pain leaving the car behind, must have been a tough decision. It's killing me to go through all this but what needs to be done, needs to be done. If you know what I mean.

I plan to completely disassemble the engine, maybe go with 1800ti pistons which have the same 84mm bore as my stock ones but have 9.5:1 compression. 130 Euros is the main deterent. Hone the bore, renew timing gears, oil pump and bottom end, and paint the crank case. Cylinder head is almost restored with 292 cam.

Should be pretty dam nice when it's done.
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