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Originally Posted by MarkD
The two car lengths that Tom was behind is something like 30 ft, and at 100 km/hr it's 0.5 seconds. At 140 km/hr its 0.357 seconds.

How much time did Tom lose spinning his wheels? At least 1 second. The outcome could have been quite different without that wheelspin.

But thanks to the Rev and Tom for putting on the show. I went upand said hi to RevShot and actually he seems like a nice guy.

It was 2 car lengths before RevShot hit the spray, no? I thought by the end of the race it was more like 4-5 car lengths? Gamite would know for sure, he was parked at the end of the 1/4 mile mark.

Even if it was 2 car lengths at the end, remember RevShot didn't hit spray until 4th gear either. I think both were great performing cars all around, and on an actual track JazzM would leave Revshot in the dust.. but, for the dragstrip, Revshot has a slight edge.

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