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Originally Posted by Justin e36
It depends really. I think Revshot would've won anyway, but remember JazzM's car had a whole lot of wheelspin... we could see it from the side of the road, his headlights were waving back and forth as his car struggled to get traction, while Revshot was already gripped and pulling away.

Though, even if they both got perfect starts I still think Revshot would've won.

Still a very good run by both participants. Especially doing the run for our viewing pleasure, since really, it was us who called them out to race.
The two car lengths that Tom was behind is something like 30 ft, and at 100 km/hr it's 0.5 seconds. At 140 km/hr its 0.357 seconds.

How much time did Tom lose spinning his wheels? At least 1 second. The outcome could have been quite different without that wheelspin.

But thanks to the Rev and Tom for putting on the show. I went upand said hi to RevShot and actually he seems like a nice guy.

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