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Originally Posted by NXGHOST
Can't beat old school muscle!

Beat up junk yard rusty ass 5.0 Fox Body $1000
Slicks $200
Nitrous $500
Ugly ass hood scoop minus $500!!

Beating up on a high dollar exotic........................... PRICELESS!

LOL! Actually, I am a bit surprised RevShot won! I thought I heard rumour the Z3 ran 11.XX in the 1/4??
It depends really. I think Revshot would've won anyway, but remember JazzM's car had a whole lot of wheelspin... we could see it from the side of the road, his headlights were waving back and forth as his car struggled to get traction, while Revshot was already gripped and pulling away.

Though, even if they both got perfect starts I still think Revshot would've won.

Still a very good run by both participants. Especially doing the run for our viewing pleasure, since really, it was us who called them out to race.
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