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Originally Posted by Hound
i was there in the black 05 tl with the RSX TYPS plates, i thought that ant118 was gonna run me with the E30 m3 but it went away now for the winter. good fun afterwards at the timmies and wendys parking lot, lol at the grand cherroke "pimpin on fo fo's" and then Jay ran against a guy in a gen 1 RX-7 pretty much stock so he said sounded like a muscle car tho, and also a guy with what he claimed was a 10 second civic hatch like fuken's not sure the gen, but he had holes in the rear bumper cut out for air flow and weight saving i think i herd was the reason? anyways ant and i got lost in the TL cuase the RX-7 dude said 400 and langstaff but i mistakenly took 400 south, OOPS!!! sorry again ant lol. hey paul man, or Jay who won and where the hell did you guys go cause we drove around that area and thought we herd you once but could not find you??????

lol!! it was pretty funny times at the wendys afterward eh? chillin with paul christans, Ant and Hound. Oh, Hound.... btw... your TL is sick has a pretty good system i must say. I made it home just fine with your directions, and i also thought you should know there was plenty of Ricky Martin on the way home LOL
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