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Brand: Nokian Hakkapellita NRW
Size 195/65/14 (on Fittipaldi alloys)
Price: $300 installed or something like that
Seasons Used: 5
Location Purchased: Wheels Direct

They're useless now, they still have tread but the wet traction is non-existent. Going with the new H-rated Nokians or T-rated Kumho KW17's for this winter. The first 4 winters they were amazing though, even in the dry. Great tires.

Brand: Pirelli 210 Snowsports & Eurowin something or other
Size 195/65/15 & 205/60/15 (on OEM steelies)
Price: $450 installed with the wheels
Seasons Used: 4
Location Purchased: Wheels Direct

We bought the 4 new wheels and tires in 01/02 when we got the car, but thanks to some drifting fun two of the rear Pirellis had worn down to the bars at the end of last winter. Due to a late decision to buy new ones, I couldn't get any Pirelli, Yokohama, Kumho, or anything else in time. I ended up trying these Eurowin things which are also H-rated and have almost the exact same tread pattern the Pirellis. They feel very similar, with slightly softer sidewalls. Overall though, the 210 Snowsports are the best winter tires I have ever experienced. Too bad they don't go down to 14" for my winter wheels.
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