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Originally Posted by rodo
I'm not sure if I've seen your car there before, I don't think so. Anyways, did you get your dinan used? and from e46fanatics im guessing? the way I see it is... exhaust is 400 US used plus installation another 100, how much is shipping? and plus my car is stock, it'll look silly. And also my best friend, 03dinan3, has dinan and his car sounds way too good
Nope.. I got my Dinan from Sam@Cross.. Oh.. so u know Andrew too eh No...the exhaust wouldn't look silly on your car. Since the tips are probably the same size as the stock tips.. but it sounds way better than stock..u know what i mean right.. U've heard it on Andrew's car Installation.. u can do it yourself if u don't want to take the resonators out.. u can just cut off the stock muffler, then clamp the Dinan one to your existing pipe. Shipping using USPS should be around 35usd approx.. wouldn't be more I think.
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