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Originally Posted by rodo
im not getting DDE's, I dont think im doing enything to my car, still thinking about dinan exhaust but im so undesiscive. I would like tints but since its a lease, due back in 1.5 years its wasted money I think. I like to buy things I can then re-sell at minimal loss such as a used Dinan exhaust. Do you sitll have your old remus exhaust? If you sitll wanna trade for the xbox the offer it still up!
Hehe.. Get Dinan exhaust.. U won't regret it.. Sam @ Cross recommended me Dinan.. and yes..the plate cover is from Cross. I think I've seen yer car @ Cross before.. anyways.. the Remus is already sold to shimajer a month ago. U won't lose that much money if u're buying used mods. But, u will still lose some..especially on the labour/installallation cost. But it's just a piece of mind when u're doin/installing your mods at the right place.
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