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Send a message via AIM to boi cutting you UP, not any bmw owners, quite frankly if i see something, thats not right, i think i have a fair amount of right to inform these, peeps! clearly your the ****ing moron cause you don't know how to sell your shitty ****ing system..

plus i don't have to buy a bmw to run my mouth, cause clearly you can't handle me! buy a bmw... ? your ****ing STupider than your car looks!

notes to selling items. specific on what your selling..!
- in your case, your selling a 6400cd w/ screen
who knew, you were selling the changer!! end of that, im not bringing that shit up again!

2. know my shit.. ... i know more than you'll ever know!

you should edit your post and make it more clearer

im done.. i've made my point....!
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