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BMWCC Autumn-Colors Navigational Fun Rallye - Sun Oct 16th!

BMWCC Trillium presents an Autumn Colours Observation Fun Rallye

Your chapter executive had decided to continue our fun rallyes and has given me the task to organize this years autumn event.

Sunday Oct 16th, 2005.

Registration opens at 10:00am, closes 10:59am

First car away at 11:00am

Start at Wimpy’s Diner on 65 Rylander Blvd. Scarborough. NE corner of Kingston Rd and 401.

End at Kelsey’s Restaurant, 90 Clarington Blvd. Bowmanville.

Your placement in this event, although designed as a family event, will count under our 2005 competition trophy.

The rallye route will take you mainly over paved back roads with a few hard-packed gravel, to observe our beautiful countryside. Please stick to the posted speed limits, especially in small villages and tourist areas. This is not a speed event! You can take as much as 5 hours to cover the 120KM route. If you go too fast, you will simply miss the observations and loose points.

The rallye route is given in kilometers with roads named at the turns. A detailed road map of Durham Region may help, but is not necessary. The task for this rallye is to find the locations of the numbered photos provided and write the number of the appropriate photo in its respective spot on the instructions. You will also be given some questions, with the answers to be located on billboards/road-signs along the route. There are some checkpoints along the way for a chance to stretch your legs and participate in “tie-breaking” exercises.

Cost of participation is $20.00 per car (no BMWCC club membership required for this event!). Please post below confirming your participation for adequate sets of instruction to be printed and seating-count at Kelsey’s Restaurant at the finish.

Hopefully see you all on October 16th!

Randy Sparre
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