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I can't beleive how fast this spread already....Dave and Adam arn't even home yet.
Rob and I are still down here in Maine for the night, Dave and Adam left a few minutes ago to drive home. And yes it's true, but no one hit Adam from behind. I was driving behind Adam when it happend, so no-one drove into him. It was a complete accident and could have happend to the best of us. It was a slow hit comming up to a yellow light, and some quick braking on Dave's part to stop for the light, and some distracting scenery led to the hit.

It was only about 10-15 mph, but the damage was extensive, and While I watched this unfold in front of my eyes it was like it happend in slow motion. It really hurt to see.

You guys wouldn't beleive was just a bad day all together.

I will let Dave and Adam elaborate on the story.

Other than that, it was a good trip and an amazing turnout at the show. I will post pics later.

I also think props should go out to both Adam and Dave, for being true enthusiasts, and actually continuing on and entering into the show, where they received some of the most attention of the day, thanks to their amazing if not sad story of the road trip to Bav Auto.

But for now let us bow our heads for our two fallen bimmers. I think both should be repairable though.

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