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Originally posted by E46_lover

i think you are the one who needs to concentrate when typing, what does "do you ever think anything you dont say?" lol do u mean think OF anything i cant say??

are u new member btw? i never noticed anyone here with NSX and 94 M3...its eurospec too! post some pics man

Hmmm, no actually it still makes sense. I mean you seem to type everything you think of on Max, even if it has nothing to do with BMW! That's why I guess your posts are so high. Just making an observation. I mean sometimes it gets really repetitive.

Anyways, I'm originally from Vancover. I was introduced to this board a few months ago and I've just been browsing around mostly. I'm trying to keep a low profile. Also, you've never seen my car because it's not from around here. I brought it with me. If you ever see a red Eurospec, It's probably me. I hardly ever drive it though. Ironically my NSX is my winter beater! FWD baby! Haha, that was my dad's choice, I hate Honda's Been a European car enthusiasts ever since I was born.

I will post pics soon.

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