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Originally Posted by DavidM5
Nice pics!

Just out of curiosity, what lap times were you doing?

I don't know as we are not supposed to time them. So unless someone else did, I have no idea. Some of the things going on at the BMWCC don't make much sense. For example, they don't keep the instructor feedback on each student in a file where the next instructor can read it, and the students don't even see what was written. It's almost like going to school and not getting a report card to know how you did. I talked to one of the organisers about it this week, and he agreed with by feedback but said it's because one "old timer" wants everyting his way and doesn't like computers. I'm mentioning this here as I fail to see the value in a teaching systrem that does not track your progress. And reducing lap times is a partial measure of progress.


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