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Well the fastest i've ever gone was on two wheels. All though i wasn't in control. GSXR 750 260km, i was on the back and i all i heard were low beats in my ears. It was on the way up to Wasaga on the 400. The broken line was solid. After a while the line began to fade. (cause i think we went a bit faster)

The fastest i've gone with my R6 was 220km on some deserted road up north. I felt as if i was getting into a wabble so i had to slow down.

In my b/f 325is, the fastest i've gone was 240km down 427 south. He slaughtered my friends' boyfriend in his brand new 2002 prelude. He was trying so hard to keep up, we passed him like he was a turtle and we were a jumbo jet.
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