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now i should update the thread.

Ever since the thread started, i see alot of ppl trying this method and other automotive companys like meguires have come up with their own product that will work best on the plastic lenses and sandpapers.

now, you could grab the unigrit sandpapers from meguires up to 3000 grit which would be best for the job. Also grab scratchX and plasticX from meguires as well.

1. SOAK THE SANDPAPER into a bucket of water at least 15 min prior to sanding.

2. Grab a water sprayer bottle. Put a little bit of automotive car wash soap and a lot of water.

3. now grab a sprayer on your left hand and sandpaper on your right. Start sanding and spray the mixture at the same time. Also always sand in same direction only.

4. start from lower grit say 1000. and go up to the highest grit.

5. now clean it up, then use scratchX to remove the sanding marks. The headlight must be hazed but scratchX will remove the marks so dont worry.

6. keep on doing it untill its squeeky clean and until you dont see any sanding marks.

7. now use plasticX to clean it up nicely.
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