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Originally Posted by epabillo
I wanted to know whats the largest size tire you can put on an e30 1991... I am asking this because I might be sponsored by fast wheels during I was thinking of putting on the Techno model in 18in or an 19 inch wheel not sure what and what tire size is recommended? My car is lowered with racing dynamic springs 1.75 drop.... and how wide can I go?
Largest diameter, or largest width?

You can fit 19's easy, with 215/35/19 tires. Most ricer 19's are only like 7.5" wide anyways, so you'll be fine with the 215's if you keep the offset between ET20 and ET30 (you can run a very high offset with 19's due to the angle of the front strut).

For wide, well, there just about are no wide 19" 4x100 wheels. But 8" wide with 235's is about as much as will fit under stock fenders, if you pull them you can jam 245's on 8.5" wheels and up depending on how crazy you get.
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