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Originally Posted by Mystikal
Okay, this thread will be dedicated to answering all questions E30-related about wheel sizing, geometry, and the accompanying tires. Of course this is to be used only as a rough guide, maXbimmer holds no responsibilty if you cram a tire into a fender.

To start, here are very informative Tirerack links explaining common terms:



Bolt Pattern

For tire sizing, RWD E30s used two different rolling diameters, 195/60/14 and 195/65/14. The larger 195/65 was used on plastic bumper cars, but that diameter will fit just fine on all models, and provide a more accurate speedometer (they all read quite high stock). Notice I say diameter, meaning that for all upgrade purposes compare the new tire size with 195/65/14. All of the 325iX models used 205/55/15 tires. To calculate accurate upgrade sizes, look at this link: Tire Size Calculator

Factory wheel specs:
14" Bottlecaps: 14x6", ET33 (all non-iS non-iX cars, basically)
14" Basketweaves: 14x6.5", ET30 (all iS cars and some eS cars)
15" Basketweaves (iX): 15x7", ET41 (all 325iX models)
15" Basketweaves (Euro-only): 15x7" ET24 (option on European cars)

Now, this thread is open to all questions regarding fitment of wheels/tires. Discussion of "what tire should I buy?" or "what colour should I spray paint my 18 year old bottlecaps" will be deleted or otherwise moved from the thread. Fitment questions only. Note: answers may include tire recommendations in that particular size, but please no direct questions regarding tire choice.
I wanted to know whats the largest size tire you can put on an e30 1991... I am asking this because I might be sponsored by fast wheels during I was thinking of putting on the Techno model in 18in or an 19 inch wheel not sure what and what tire size is recommended? My car is lowered with racing dynamic springs 1.75 drop.... and how wide can I go?
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