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540 vs new Mustang

Finally, I got a chance to have a go at one of these...two in fact.

Tonight, I was coming from working late in Kitchener. When I was on the 407 East around Hwy 10, cruising at 140, I was quickly passed on both sides by a pair of Mustang convertible GTs. A silver one and a black one. Both had noisy exhausts... I gave chase and caught up quickly. It looked like the 2 Mustangs were travelling together and they kept racing each other over short bursts. When they realized I wanted to play, we tried to set up using all 3 lanes, but it was very difficult to get a clean start with 3 cars never mind 3. I could hear when the Mustangs were going WOT, but by the time I reacted, it was too late. There was no way anyone could hear my quiet 540.

After may attempts, I got one clean run, and stayed neck and neck with the Silver Stang up to 170. When I switched to 4th, the Mustang dropped. I don't think these guys wanted to go any faster. I figured I'd stop at 200 since I had my windsurfer and sail tubes on the roof.

I wonder if my roof was empty, if I would pull the Mustang. I lose about 30% fuel mileage when carrying the Windsurf stuff.

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