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dang you guys get owned hard...

I got a 55L tank and it goes for about 750km highway and aobut 600 city
beauty of a 1.8 L rebuilt Bmw engine hihihihihi

oh yeah since alcohol burns better, you guys gotta do what my friend does... Drink a lot the night before work,,, I mean hard liquor like some good old Vodka and mix some tequila and couple of shots of JD then just go piss in your tank...

How can you be sure that somebody did not piss in your gasoline when they were making it?
you cant be sure... so just go ahead and piss in the tank...
dont worry, everybody else is doing it...
"Yesterday is lost in time,
Tomorrow I can't claim as mine,
But, today I have and each hour is free,
To gain or to lose is up to me"
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