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Originally Posted by rwh11385
um, Jay. Tell Mark good damn call on the M50 injectors. Like sex. More torque and a lot smoother than the 19# injectors, and better mpg. (but buying cleaned and flow-tested ones helped too)

I'll post something about it when I get back to school tommorrow. Lime > Lemonade injectors.
Was it Mark that first put the 17.5 idea on the table? I remember it was Stu McHenry who really convinced me to stay away from the Mustang sprayers, but Mark may have said something at the dyno. Sadly I never got my S50 injectors flow tested, but they had an actual 40k on them and all the rings looked brand new, so I took the chance.

BTW I have two 027 AFMs sitting here now, will be dyno testing them against the M20 piece in the next few weeks. FWIW neither one worked smoothly without any wheel adjustment (one set off the check engine light, one just runs horribly), and I refuse to open them up unless I have a wideband connected. In reality, adjusting an AFM without an exhaust sniffer is pretty sketchy. For now I'm back to the M20 AFM.
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