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Originally Posted by 6speedMaxSE
I feel ya spooner_dee.
I think USDOT and Canada's traffic authorities need to re-evaluate how traffic is handled...similar to Germany (and I don't mean non-existent speed limits).

I will use the high beams to hopefully move those left lane hogs out of the way. Last resort is tailgaiting.

I know exactly what you mean, things like its illegal to be passed in the passing lane, meaning if your in the far left lane and someone passes you or you dont move so they can pass, that person gets the ticket not you. See the cops i deal with every day on my commute, its law that you cannot ride in the passing lane for more then 2 miles at a time i believe. So cops come flying up on your ass and tailgate you till you move, or if your like me and give them the finger they pull you over and give you a ticket... ooppss lol..

But for the most part the cops just leave you alone so long as your not going over 80 and not flying around all traffic like a nut. But its idiots like in the duster that get us all in trouble by getting in the passing lane and sitting there for ever and making more traffic because people have to work there way around them using all lanes.... I wouldnt be in situations like that if people would follow the rules of the roads and cops actualy enforced them. but owell what can ya do .

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