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Originally Posted by spooner_dee
...I dont play that internet beef i just come to read learn and share not try and act like a cool tuff guy by typing big words.
I feel ya spooner_dee.

Anyway, the passing lane doesn't mean squat in North America. I've given up passing exclusively in that lane.

I just moved to Atlanta and for the first time, I've felt nervous driving on the Interstate due to the mass confusion. There are about five lanes and all are used for passing. Can you imagine being in the 2nd lane from the right and getting passed by someone doing 80+. It scares you a little because sometimes you don't pay as much attention to traffic on the right as you attempt to exit the Interstate. I think USDOT and Canada's traffic authorities need to re-evaluate how traffic is handled...similar to Germany (and I don't mean non-existent speed limits).

I will use the high beams to hopefully move those left lane hogs out of the way. Last resort is tailgaiting.

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