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I raced a VIPER RT/10 with my E30....

About 5 years ago (yes, the old set-up again) I just picked up my G/F (at the time) from home and was driving WB on Dixon Rd. Came to the red light at Kipling and was waiting there. My G/F says "Oh, look at that car!" and I'm like "yeah... whatever!" so I casually glance over to my left (not giving her the satisfaction) and double take cause it's a red Dodge VIPER RT/10 with the roof off. I roll down my window and ask the older gentleman (looked just like Santa Claus - no joke!) "Nice car... Is it fast?". He smiles and says "Ohhhh Yeah!". I smirk and reply... "We'll see about that!"

My X-G/F starts now.... "OH GOD!! You're not going to race him?" -- "Shut up and hold on" as I reach down and turn on the NITROUS OXIDE. '

The other light turns yellow and both of us start to rev out motors... GREEN! and we're off... both spinning the rears (almost colliding) sideways. shifting to 2nd and I'm already at his rear bumper, by 3rd gear he was about 3 car lengths in front of me. Going into 4th, I gave up because he was so far ahead... I was waisting my time/rubber/nitrous.

After the race, the beloved X-G/F asks me why I didn't use the Nitrous!!!

"Just shut up!"

Mods list during the race:

M20 motor
2.7L block
2.5L head/pistons
multi-angle valve job
bored T-Body
full Exhaust
ram air intake
Jacobs ignition
80HP shot NOS
3.73 LSD
Short shift kit
light weight flywheel
big ICE (lots of weight )
My YouTube video

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