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Originally Posted by JazzM
Thank you... couldn't have done it without it Many thanks again on the resourcefull solution to the issues we've had. From overcoming the revlimiter to MAF issues...

Yes, definately the best software. That should have been a category too... LOL.

I'll ask Randy if he's have that class next year.

I just got off the phone with a mechanic in Portland Oregon. He rebuilt a Dinan 3.9l stroker in an E28 M5 that a customer brought in. When he took it apart, he found that the flywheel had the reference pin in the wrong position, so the timing 15 degrees advanced. Dinan tried to fix the problem with a different version of their stroker chip, with retarded timing. That modified chip never ran well and Dinan said they couldn't fix it. So who did he call? He says the new chip I sent for that stroker is working really well.

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