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Z4 and 540i on hwy7

saw z4, made sure it was 3.0. we rolled down to a light with 944 turbo, i took off slowly, then moduly floored my FWD VQ35 auto sedan. he was from behind and soon beside me, with momentum in place, by like 130 or so, he had 2 3cars, i jus let off, then the 944 turbo came flying by.

second race, we were all rolling like 2 3 cars away from each other, i didnt really bother, cuz both of them floored it before me and i was in wrong gear. the z4 had car in front of him and cut me off. they went thru the intersection with a COP on the sides, but i was surprised popo didnt give a crap and jus drove normally.

3rd race, surprised to see him coming back the way we raced like 10 15mins earlier. we finally catch a light. off the line i had about a car on him, barely brake torqued, as i heard him rev up a bit. by 130 140 or so, he was like half car behind me slowly creeping up, & let off.

4th race, some 3 series were in middle of us, i didnt know if z4 wanted to go, so i launched bit let off and floored it again, it was too late, he had like car and half on me. and this was going back to the east end, phucking cops, got bit nervous.

then raced 540 auto, i think the 97-99 ones, since the wheels didnt look like the new ones, with a girl and some d00d grinning. i got decent launch, had him all the way till 145 by half car, then he crept by and put half car on me at 150kph. he flip me the bird and left....

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