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545 and a bike

So im driving on the way to work late at night when i see a nice new 545i behind me, the paint on this baby is so fresh its got no swirl marks, only a car thats brand new has that specific "look". At the first red light he pulls beside me and im listening to music, i have the windows open because i have no air, and i can hear the music comming out of his car thru the windows. To my suprise he revs his engine, rev rev rev rev, i look over hes laughing and his girlfriend is laughing too but kinda embarassed so her hand is over her face. I laugh, give it a blip and then im like what the hell, WHIIIIRRRR VROOOM T<T<T PHSAAA, the BOV i have makes this rattle snake sound before it goes off when there isnt enough boost or vacume to set it off.

His girlfriend is snapping her fingers and im like haha its on, at the same time some dude behind us in a crappy old bike revs his engine!!! at that point i didnt know anything other then that its a bike and that its a carb`d bike because it doesnt have that nice fuel injected sound like the new ones have.

Now the lights are changing and im only getting into gear so we get off the line and he and i push it and we let off a little, then punch it again, both at the same time so that was ok. I dont think hes got gears, its probably an SMG or auto, but i bascically have to switch to second gear right away and @45kph we are side by side and the bike is whining away just waiting to go beside. As i hit 45kph two things happen, #1 my turbo gets loud and starts to give me a noticable boost it takes about 5-600rpm for it to give me full boost, at this time i didnt really leave the 545 but i already had a car on him, #2 boost hits...

50kph - 97kph in literally 1sec, i lose both of them by at least 4cars, the bike is losing the 545 and im up ahead. I hit 3rd, boost again hits after about 3-400rpm and the torque steer is alittle easy to fight but you need to be alert. I gain a few more cars on the 545 but the bike seems to be gaining nothing on me, maybe a car but they are so far away by now its not even a race anymore. I turn onto the highway and continue on my way.
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