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My freinds 328is EURO M3 swap vs. 330ci supercharged

Ran several times off the line. Actually 7 to be precise. 5 races counted and the EURO took 4 of them. The one the EURO lost was a result of a shitty start. They did a highway run and the 330ci blown beat him just by a bit. I mean by a bumper. The EURO was catching him but the 330ci car has problems. Car shuts off at 219km/h. If they had kept going the EURO would have won. They also did a rolling start and the EURO won again. All motor is the way to go !!! This thing pulls strong. The launchs is where it all took place. The EURO had the jump all the time then no one could pull on eachother. The 330ci dynod his car at 286hp to the wheels and 262 ft/lbs torque. The EURO wants to dyno next. They where having a battle for a while. My buddy in the EURO had a US spec M3 with OBD1 before and the 330ci blown took him. So he took the title from him. Well this time the EURO M3 won so he took back the title that belonged to him. Now the 330ci is frantically search for more things to do. Software, injectors etc. LOL EURO is the champ. Though I would share. Enjoy
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