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Originally Posted by JazzM
Hey man I went to UW as well... nice ride. did you do anything to it or is it stock?

That was a fun run. We'll do it again sometime

LOL don't you remember me dude? I referred my ex to you for a job, I visited your place a few times.

My engine's been rebuilt with a little funk added. It's been bored out from 93.4 to 95mm with forged pistons, a few other things like an 8lb flywheel. It pulls damn good for an M5.

I'm not much for drag racing though, I even shortshifted at 7 with you when my power peak is closer to 7500. I'll abuse it on the track a little but after all that $ I don't want something going wrong during some silly street race, I'd eat a bullet. But thanks, it was fun. I haven't opened her up in a while, it was nice to feel all the ponies stretch their legs.

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