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My auto-x complaint for the month, man it was hot...... I think I lost like 5lbs at least in sweat.

On a plus note, I love R-compound tires, sure my car's not really competitive anymore with the PAX system, but man is it fun. It just sucks changing wheels onsite in the super heat, then having hot wheels inside the car on the way home.

I think it's still funny how Randy randomly takes peoples cars out and beats the owners times. Damn guy beat my best time by over 3 seconds, and I was alone on my best time, I was in the car with him when he was driving.
"Driving is like a narcotic, an addiction that can take over lives. It ruins people, breaks families apart, and even kills. It’s habit that needs to be fueled. Time, money, rationality, sweat, knuckle skin, and anyone who disapproves are of little importance to a driver, and are often overlooked. Hi, I’m Nelson, and I’m a drivaholic."
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