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Originally Posted by Darkness95m3
2 in one day. Way to go.
Actually, there was a third, but I thought I was getting out of hand. After the WRX, I was heading south on 9th line. Over the 407 bridge, is a long lineup of cars on the left lane, and a single Mark IV Golf GTI (1.8 or VR6??) on the right lane. So I pick the right lane figuring I'll just sail past all the stopped cars. The Golf sees me coming and floors it and switched to the left lane. To give him a chance, I slow down and try to match his speed before getting on it again (lane ends soon). Problably a dumb move, because although I was able to out accelerate, it was close. Next, a sharp right hander into the neighborhood, and the GTI is signalling right too. I want to see if he'll follow me in HOT, but some knob in a Sentra with a long piece of wood sticking out the window turns into the neighborhood in front of us, so I have to brake hard as soon as I finish the pooper

For 6speedMaxSE, After the Volvo ordeal, I went to Cobourg to see a customer. I went to the beach afterwards to check it out and there were tons of hotties out! WTF!!! Too bad it wasn't windy, or else I would have ditched work and went sailing.

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