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Originally Posted by lvan
I already told you that they remove them regularly just like autotrader does.Why not show the better pic of the plates from Ukr. without showing the numbers on it on the 750. Secure reason? BS . People that own such cars got all kind of junk in their yard I would be afraid to step in.
SHOW ME THE LINK... comon tuff guy, all talk no walk?

If someone is willing to give you 10k$ for your 318i, don't you think it would be wise to sell? buy another e36 (preferribly a 328) and have handles just as well and will move when you hit the gas pedal.
my friend.. a 328i here is $16,000. 325i is $13,000. (average prices with around 140-160k kilometers)
i will prolly sell and rive my mom's for a while. prolly... it's a rlly fun car to drive, i havent had this much fun with my buddy's ES300

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