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Originally Posted by maxx318i
i see a resale value of $500. unlike you, i wont drive my 318i forever. (as sad as that sounds)

(by Ivan)

1. blacked out plates?? you should know wut ur talkign about, b4 ur finger presses the "submit reply" button - THINK!!! if u remember - the car never had any plates cause the 2 pics were of the front which was a mish mush.
2. you dont have to believe anything. it's the internet. i trust nothing, i post here for fun and i dont expect any1 to believe me.
3. if u rllly want.. i'll ask his chaffeur for more pics of the 7 series and his new S.
4. for security reasons i black out anything and everything that can/may or possibly will be identified by any means possible and by anyone. call it whatever - it's security.

now back to the TOPIC, supercharged M3 will skool a Neon going backwards... haha
Lol dude yes people black out the plate but they always show around part so we see where the car comes from.
The picture was taken from the angle that plates were very visible,you are changing the story around.Why are you so beefy about it ? Maybe I will pop up the link from auto action just to make you feel like lier.
The problem is that it was too long and they remove the cars after the period of time because they list the new cars.Lol if everything is as you said why you so nervous.You know it that's why.
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