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That's a given...


Hey, that goes for both of us. Between John and Steve, they do essentially 95% of the work to my car.

As well, I play b-ball with both of them every Tuesday, and I also happen to sit on both the driving school committee and the council for the Trillium chapter of BMWCC.

John's not the vindictive type, but still, I'm sure we both know some BMW instructors who have 'stuck the knife' in John's back. He hasn't really done anything about it, but what goes around, comes around.

Yes, the "E" word is expensive, but to their credit, I had the same list of stuff checked out elsewhere, and some guys wouldn't even bid on it! I gave them quotes from Excellence, and these guys came in 25% higher than E. So I ended up going with Excellence in the end, since I know they'll end up doing good work.

So, are you go-karting again this winter, or what?

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