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e36 325i vs 97+Prelude

Raced a 97+ prelude tonight in my 94 325i, kind of hard to tell who won cause it was very close both times we raced.

First it was side by side going in to a small turn, but it wasn't for a long period of time like from 160-180km/h (I know that curve very well, no other cars around and you can take it at those speeds easely). Can't really say who had the edge if any so pretty much even. Then I let him get in front and give him some space (around 3-4 cars) he steps on it at round 160km/h I step on it to but with a small delay, still he doesn't get away, close to 200km/h I think I may start to pull on him and get closer, but it was hard to tell.... Construction and cars are coming up, so I just stopped there, don't want to get my self or others killed. The guy continued on accelerating probably thinking he won.

I think I did pretty good, his car had atleast intake/exhaust and from what I've seen at the track they are capable of hi 14's easely with those mods, mine has a /hot air intake/chip/I'm on 18" wheels and I have a hole in my muffler (that's good for atleast 15 extra horsepower) lol. Anyway I really enjoyed this one I like it when it's so close.
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