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Here is my rim problem.

I personally want to pick up a set of Ronal LS down the road. I've noticed that all cars with Ronal LS have the rear tucking tire, while the front isn't (finger gap).

Currently i have Bilstein Sport and Eibach Sport Springs, but i want to swap out my Eibachs in the front for lower springs because i can't stand the look of having the rear with less gap (less than a finger) while my front has two fingers. The car is level, drives fine, but i just can't stand the difference. Plus if it was perched a tiny bit it would look awesome. Now i am just not sure if i'd able to fit the Ronal LS up front. They seem to be barely clearing the fenders.

Also, what is the best tire size to run on a Ronal LS?

This is how low i want my front dropped, will the LS still fit/work?

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