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Yeah, Frank's was a joke.

Actually, John did build my cage. I was there for a significant portion of it.

CSC just does the mandrel bends on the tubing; everything else John has his guy (who I refer to as "little Steve") do.

I've known John for about 4 years, and to be honest, we play basketball on a weekly basis. Yeah, on one hand, we're buddies.

However, and I agree on this notion. The strict, "this product, at this price and nothing but" mentality doesn't sit well with me. I'm examining some different brake kits (UUC's, TMS, AP Racing etc), and John (as does Chuck mind you...) sticks with the AP Racing rig no questions asked. I tend to balk at the $4500 installed price, when I can pick up a complete set (front and rear) of the UUC kit for the same price.

As I said, for my cage price, the $8500 (actually, I think it was $83xx) was tax in. As well, I had some body work done by Excellence, and completely new glass put in.

So, was it outrageously priced, like Frank's was? Nope. Was it realistically priced (John pegs full cages at $3500-4000, when I think he should have said it's likely to run $5000-6000)? Not really.

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