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All I can say. Enjoy it while you're young! Whatever that is. Buy something that you can have the most fun with and can afford. If you're young and single. I'd say to buy yourself something on the sporty side. I always tell the students I work with the same thing. Don't buy a 4dr sedan. Have fun. 'Cause sooner or later, you'll have to grow up and may end up with a mini-van!! hahaha.

Nothing wrong with a slightly used import- which is what I'm guessing you're looking at. My '90 Accord has 370k on it and I bought it with 70. Original clutch still, and it's been tracked and raced a ton by myself over the years. Can't kill them!

I can't recommend a specific car for you. Just keep in mind one thing. Life's too short. Enjoy it while you can. How's that? You decide.

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