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Originally Posted by sirex
rogers is the scum of telecomunications in toronto.

I had one question, if you go over the 60 GB limit and they mail you a warning letter, you can still download all the shit you want?
I think I am aproaching 50GB and will probably easily surpass 61, 000 mb within the next few days...
so i figure if im going to go over, mihgt as well go over by at least double....

anyone has exp with this? I called in but my tech "expert" could barely speak English.

also whats with the ****en website internet meter never ****en working? I can never log in properly.
fukem .. just ignore there warnings like they ignore you .. thats what i did .. i didnt even sign up for that bullshit. my buddy lives 3 blocks down and he never even knew about this cap .. he didnt even get a letter.
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