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Re: I'll agree with Rob on that one...

Originally posted by Bad-Karma
I will agree with you on that one Rob.

I've bought several parts and just had John / Steve install them for me, as I found I could get better pricing on my own.

As to the price of my cage, it's completely custom, and designed specifically for my car. As a competitive example, Frank's cage was $10,000 US, and that was unpainted. So, do I feel taken by the cage; absolutely not. Was it the price I was expecting to pay, no, but it is worth it.

It's something else to drive a car that is fully race prepped; a LOT less weight, and boy, can it corner now...

As it stands, I haven't found anyone who puts in the level of dedication into my car that John and Steve have, and I doubt I'd get that level of support from nearly any other dealers in the area.

I live close to Beach Auto, but without knowing anybody there, I can't see myself changing vendors.



The price that Frank paid in the States for his cage is an absolute joke.... even if it did include the removal of the rear deck and made from Chrom-moly.... Look at Mike Booker's cage, same material/construction for LESS than half of YOUR cage (from O'Brien Motorsports -- place I went to). On top of that, John doesn't even build the cages himself!!!! He takes the car to CSC in Concord and pockets the markup. I've known John for about 8 years and know things that'll surprise you!
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