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Brand new Moto V220 Cellphone for only $70 Dollars

Talktime Up to 320 mins length of time you can talk on the phone
Standby time Up to 230 amount of time that the phone can last before recharging
Colour screen Yes visually enhanced display improved gaming experience
SMS text messaging Yes facility to send and receive text messages
Predictive text messaging Yes save time on text messaging by predicting the words you want
MMS picture messaging Yes send and receive pictures on the phone attach pictures, sound and texts to a message
Built in camera Yes can take pictures with phone capture that moment when you have not got your camera send to compatible phones or email addresses
Polyphonic ringtones Yes as near to stereo sound on a mobile
Mobile internet access WAP - gprs enables customers to check e-mail and information
Bandwidth Tri Use your mobile phone abroad, dual band for use in Europe Use your mobile phone abroad, tri band for use in USA
Vibration alert No
Unique dual display Yes enables one complex and one basic display
Voice activated dialling No
Handsfree facility No
Java enabled Yes can download enhanced new games makes phone experience more interesting and enjoyable
Alarm clock No
Other Features 65000 colours in the screen display The more colours the better the screen looks
Blue backlit front screen display Different types of screen on the front of the phone
Data & Voice Bluetooth compatible Enables electronic products (mobile phones/PDAs/laptops) to talk to each other over distances between 5-10m without any wires
Infrared port Allows wire free working in conjunction with PDAs
picture phone book

Brand new Moto V220 cellphone bought in Jan, 2004 from Rogers store. Never use, just tried when I bought it. I bought the phone just want to get a good plan. after I got the plan, I just changed the sim card into another cellphone and put this one away till now.

It comes with 1 battery and 1 charger, plus I'll give you a headset and a leather pouch. Those cost (19.99 + 29.99)x 1.15, more than $45. and all for free.

if you want to buy it at some shop, you have to sign a 3 years contract to get it for free, but for this one, you don't need any plan, just put your sim card in it.
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