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Originally posted by MP328
like mike said the 1.8T are faster only with a chip to be exact 45-50hp. a golf 1.8T with a chip and good driver should be doing 14.9 easily in the 1/4.
Yup, get chip, intake and exhaust/downpipes and you'll get quite a gain! You'd probably feel more difference, with same mods on a 1.8T engine, out of a Golf and Jetta vs. the A4, because the A4 is heavier.

My friend got like 14.85 in 1/4 on a worn out stock clutch w/intake, chip, and exhaust (no cats or resonators) on a very cold day where at times you'd actually see snow flakes. HE told me that the car does not always perform best when the weather gets colder and colder. Too cold of a weather and he told me that the turbo doesn't perform as well. However, recently, with still the same parts and worn out clutch (except bigger fuel injectors), he got 14.1 in 1/4mile on a pretty decent weather. 60' time being 1.9 seconds. Now he got the new aftermarket clutch and flywheel, dam.... that means 5000rpm launches in the future = faster 1/4 mile times
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