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like mike said the 1.8T are faster only with a chip to be exact 45-50hp. a golf 1.8T with a chip and good driver should be doing 14.9 easily in the 1/4.

i said this a few times a coworker of mine has jetta 1.8T with a chip and something else. but he sucks in taking off so we had to go with rolling starts. we did one from 20km/h and i got a car length on him. then we did one from 40-50km/h and we were right beside each other all the way to 170km/h i just pulled 1/2 of the car when shifting from 2nd to 3rd cuz i could redline it just a bit longer then him

btw i was right about the rsx but i wanna try my luck with you too. but after winter since i got my winter tires on and don't wanna mess those up
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