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SPORT MODE IS AMAZING.... read on....

For those of you who own an S54 powered Coupé or Roadster, the sport mode (as you well know) was not a factory installed option. Rumors abound; this was done to meet strict California EPA emission standards, limit the potential so as not to beat BMW's own M3, and safety precautions (as ZM3's are known to bite the uninitiated very hard!!).

As such, the dealer charges ~$500 for this install; which, by the way, does NOT void the warranty. Although, after having successfully installing the mod. myself, I can't imagine why in the world the dealer charges a ludicrous amount of money for this?! Aside from the fact that it takes about 1-2hrs to complete (includes properly soldering the wires), it is a very simple process.

For anyone in the GTA that is interested, I am offering to install this mod or help install it.

A short shopping list of parts is necessary of course:
18 Gauge wire
Single Momentary switch (ASC button will do fine!)
Pin for the ECU.. BMW part #61-13-0-005-197 (usually in-stock!)
Soldering gun, wire and flux
10mm wrench (to disconnect battery)
Exacto knife

P.S. The sport mode in these car's is phenomenal ...

Raaaappp rRAAAAAAAAApppp Shhhsttt...
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