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1800+ HP Driveway
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200 HP and lightweight make them quick littl' rockets. The car also having less than 5000 K also helps.

Both of you launched very well on the runs, and had your power shifting down pat. If memory serves me right, in the second race, you had a small lead into second.

Was defiantly fun to watch racing between two similarly powered cars.

Moerom and I had 2 quick jaunts at the lights.

First run I must have accidentally activated the burnout launch, cuz my car just fishtailed til I let off the gas. Moerom launched the truck well cuz he had at least 2 car lengths ahead and kept it till we shut things down.
Second run, got off the launch control properly, but that Lightning still managed to pull a car length ahead! The Lightning again managed to keep the lead up 'till about 70 mph. We weren't at the best place for a run, so we shut off the race quick.

Spring next year Moerom and I will pick this up were we left off tonight at Cayuga!

As I had originally thought, those Lightning’s with a good driver can launch off the line VERY well, and can manage to keep the lead on an E46 M3 till about 70 mph where we shut things down. Nice runs there Moerom! Looks like you've got the launching of that truck down to an art.
I really got to see that truck in action after those mods that you have lined up! Ur in to lay some serious beating on the competition!
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