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Originally Posted by SickFinga
If it was true, no one would say anything.
I disagreed with Jay on how he handled the rim issue, and I disagreed how buyer handled it. Threating people with bullshit threats is not a way to solve an issue. But still at the end of the day, buyer is the one who got burnt on the deal.

Also I got a question for you Dave, on what would you put your money on.
rims that are known to be soft and that were in the bad condition were actually bent
rims were not bent, and buyer tried to scam Jay out of his money.

Again, I do not believe that Jay sold his rims knowing that they were bent, but I believe who could've handled what happened much better
i had every intention of refunding the guy his money but 600 US was hard to come by in january and not to mention he royally pissed me off with all the PM's of threats and the spam going around about me
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